18 Awesome Things To Do On Friday Night in Nnewi

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18 Awesome Things To Do On Friday Night in Nnewi

18 Awesome Things To Do On Friday Night in Nnewi

Thank goodness it’s Friday. You’re oh-so-close to being done with work for the day, and you have a weekend and wanderlust on your mind more than ever. Maybe you’ve been planning some adventures with your crew already, or are spontaneously going to see where life takes you. You’ll probably spend Saturday in your favourite city, and then take Sunday morning to slow with some self-care and bottomless mimosas at brunch. There’s an endless amount of things to do on Friday night without drinking, in particular, that’ll have you making memories and dodging the bar scene just the same.

Seriously, some of us are so over being stuck in a crowded room. For some reason, everyone’s sweaty and the line to get a drink at the bar honestly wastes half of your night. You’d rather be doing something where you can hear your friends when you’re having a conversation, and not have to worry about ruining your shoes or surviving the night in a pair of heels. *Cue “Here” by Alessia Cara, please.*

Sure, you could stay in and have a movie marathon. You love your favourite sitcom characters, but you’re still so in the mood to do something fun with your crew. And snuggling up on the couch is cozy, but not quite ideal for making the most of your weekend.

Does this mean you have to settle for the bar? Nope, not at all. There are at least eight other things you can do this Friday night that are so much better.

1. Go To A Concert

Live music is always bound to be fun. With festival season right around the corner, you’ve probably started curating some fire playlists of your favorite songs, and now you’ll get to dance to them until dawn. There’s something amazing about the atmosphere that music creates. Especially when you’re surrounded by all of our your friends, you can’t help but get into all your best feels.

Whether you bought tickets a couple of months back to see an artist you’ve been following for awhile, or just hit up a local restaurant that brings in a band — it’s sure to be a Friday night you won’t forget.

2. Have An Adult Sleepover

You’re never too old to have a sleepover with your squad. Trade those heels for a pair of your fuzziest socks, and maybe hook up a karaoke machine. Naturally, as the host, you’ll be providing way too many snacks — or maybe even baking something sweet with your friends so that you really never run out. You can have all the fun of a usual Friday night right at home, and probably spend a lot less, too.

Pinterest in particular is great for coming up with adult sleepover party ideas. So, get to scrolling and use your lunch break to do some serious planning. There’s a weekend ahead of you, and you have to live it up.

3. Have A Bonfire

No matter what the weather may be, it’s always the season for a campfire with your squad. Sure, this idea works better in the summertime because you don’t have to be quite as bundled up. But, sitting by the fire always makes for the best bonding time. You and your friends will love sharing all your stories, listening to the most chill music, and walking down nostalgia lane.

Be sure to look up at the sky, because if it’s a clear night you could definitely do some stargazing. Pick out the constellations you know, and learn about the ones you don’t. Another Friday night well-spent, if you ask me.

4. Do A Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever seen the movie Sleepover? If not, then maybe you should have a movie marathon, and I’ll take a moment to preview it right now without too many spoilers. Basically, a girl and all of her friends have a sleepover. But, instead of staying in and doing face masks, they sneak out and complete a bunch of tasks around town in a competition with the “cool girl” group.

You and your friends on this Friday night can totally recreate this movie, and make your own scavenger hunt. Get a bunch of disposable cameras and capture yourselves eating slices of pizza at the local parlor down the street, and walking through drive-thru windows like they weren’t really meant for cars. Whoever finishes all the tasks first, wins. And the more creative you are, the better it will be.

5. Do A Pizza Crawl

We’re so in love with the ‘za. Like Joey from Friends, we can’t get enough of it, especially on a Friday night. Sure, you could sit inside and order that same special (two pizzas). But, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to take a tour of all the tastes you can find?

Cities in particular have hundreds of pizza places, and you’ve been wanting to try every single one. Gather up your squad and make sure everyone brings their best appetite. Hopping from one bar to the next would honestly be better if there were food in between, so this is totally your kind of crawl.

6. Go On A Shopping Spree

The best way to wash the work week away is with a little shopping spree. You’ve spent hours on end sitting in front of your screen and letting all the stress pile up, so I think you deserve the shoes, and maybe that new handbag as well. Hit up a full-on shopping mall, or stroll down the little boutiques in your town’s center. Tonight’s not the time to worry about breaking the bank or being on a budget.

Take some tips from Cher from Clueless, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, or Blair Waldorf herself from Gossip Girl. Shopping can totally be a form of cardio. So, spending your Friday night lifting those heavy bags full of your new wardrobe is basically like working out, too.

7. Go Bowling

Spare! Bowling is a truly underrated activity for you and your besties to do this weekend. Sports may not totally be your thing, but you probably went to at least one birthday party like this when you were a kid. As long as there are bumpers, you’ll be just fine.

Throw on those stylish shoes, and play a couple of rounds. Most bowling places also have arcade games, so you might even get sucked into some pinball and go home with a prize. And if all else fails, grab a soft pretzel at the concession stand and call this weekend a warm-up. You’ll surely get a strike next time around.

8. Get Some Sleep

Who said a Friday night had to be about going ham? When the work week is all said and done, all we really want is some sleep. Our brains have been way too busy, and “spring forward” can really throw off our usual schedule. You’re tired of relying on caffeine to get you through the day, and still have all day Saturday and Sunday to make the most of your weekend. I promise, the FOMO won’t be nearly as real as you think.

Snuggle up in your pajamas, and put on those calming wave noises to drown out all the city sounds. Tomorrow you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to go as ever. And the weekend adventures will continue on, way past just this fun-filled Friday night.

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