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Who we are?

This site is the largest online encyclopedia and social network dedicated to Nnewi history, culture and heritage. Users can browse our collection of great Nnewi men and women profiles of the past, and interact with thousands of today’s Nnewi history makers.


This project is engineered by the new sound of Nnewians, that is creatively declaring the uniqueness and greatness of the Nnewi people of Nigeria.·

At Nnewi.info, our vision is to inspire the entire Nigerian people, starting with Nnewians, by employing credible media-driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves, as well as the rest of the world.

Our project is a purpose-built vehicle that is designed to enable Nigerians’ and the rest of the world to finally begin to appreciate the richness and intrinsic value/beauty of our diverse cultures, the greatness of our achievements, as well as our enormous potential as a people. Our strategic intention is to be an effective tool that will help the world to know and understand us as people.

At Nnewi.info, we recognize that the ultimate task facing us as a people is to build world-class personas and brands; to “showcase” our own achievements in a global setting and economy. Our greatest challenge is to effectively debunk the persistent effort of the western media to consistently and erroneously portray us as the Dark Continent, characterized by the 5D’s: Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster, Destitution and Deceit.

Inspiring Nnewi, Igbos and Nigerians are all that we care about. Our chosen platforms for engagement and achievement of the set vision include unbiased reporting, article publishing, television, radio, publishing, merchandising, events, seminars, leisure and entertainment.

This project, which was conceived by Mr Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi, the founder of Codewit Global NetworkPortia Web Solutions and Codewit Solutions.

Our services

it is the mission of this site to provide accurate and comprehensive information for business opportunities to interested parties who wish to invest in the economic and social development of Nnewi town

Tell Our Story

It is the objective of this site to tell the story of Nnewi and her people. Non-Nnewi indigenes scholars have written much about Nnewi and her people thus, it has become imperative that we Nnewi people tell our story to the world.

Share our Culture

This site will be used to tell the story of Nnewi in all aspects including the history, culture, tradition, politics, education, business and commerce, with the intention of giving firsthand accurate information about Nnewi and her people.

Describe our achievements

It is the goal of this site to communicate to the world the important contributions made by Nnewi individuals to Igboland in particular and Nigeria in general. Especially sharing the high number of factories that sprang up in the town of Nnewi..


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