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Transportation is very vital to the development of any commercial centre. Historically, with the development of road networks in Nigeria, Igbo businessman many from Nnewi came to play a major role in the commercial transportation of goods and people from various locations in Nigeria to another. The first owner of a vehicle in the city was the Igwe and the major road was the Uzo wire Rd which followed a communication line.

The demand for commercial transport grew with the rise of palm produce export and intraregional trade needs. The transport entrepreneurs from the town branched out to various urban cities of the federation and by early 1980s, over 50% of the entrepreneurs were working out of Nnewi. Transporters from Nnewi were known for their un-orthodox South to North migration patterns jettisoning the fashionable North to the south pattern.

Nnewi ranks first among other towns in the aspect of economic development.  Nnewi is well known as the home of several transport and logistics businesses since the end of the second world war. Philip Odumegwu Ojukwu was one of Nigeria’s first transporters and since then, many more transporters have emerged from Nnewi.

Some of the Nnewi owned transport firms in Nigeria are:

  1. Chi Di Ebere Transport Ltd
  2. Ekene Dili Chukwu Nig. Ltd.
  3. Ijeoma Motors Nig. Ltd.
  4. Ekeson Motors Ltd
  5. Izuchukwu Nig. Ltd.
  6. Nsoedo Transport Ltd
  7. Orizu Transport Limited
  8. Blue base Transport Solutions
  9. Izu Okaka Anaedo Ltd
  10. Ojukwu Transport
  11. D, D Onyemelukwe Transport

Despite these major steps in the right direction, Nnewi people are still striving to improve their community in terms of good roads, living quarters, and educational facilities. Nnewi organizations

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