List of Nnewi Monarchs

The Monarchy of Nnewi concerns the monarchical head of state of Nnewi, which is a traditional and hereditary monarchy with a tetrarchy system. The Kingdom of Nnewi has been a monarchy since time immemorial. Chiefdoms were set up at various dates in the four quarters, but it was naturally in Otolo – the original settlement of Mmaku, the grandfather of Nnewi – that the first chiefdom was established under the reign of Mmaku in 1498. Mmaku’s wife was Ifenweugwu and his son, Ikenga. Mmaku was on his death succeeded by Ikenga, who married Ifite and begot a child he names Nnewi. Later, Isu, Ifite and Ichi were begotten.
Until now, the ruling house of Otolo which is as well that of the entire Nnewi is in Nnofo family in Otolo, Nnewi. In the other three-quarters of Nnewi, his influence is also felt although there are Obi in Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewichi quarters.
The role of the Monarch is limited to the four quarters of Nnewi, and have no part in the formal governance of the Anambra State. The Monarch and the members of the Royal Family undertake a variety of official, unofficial and other representational duties within Nnewi, Nigeria and abroad.

Since 1477 till date, the list of all the monarch and the time of their reign has been chronicled. The table below contains all the list of Nnewi Monarch

Igwe Kenneth Orizu III became King on 15 September 1963 on the death of his grandfather, Igwe Josiah Orizu II

Line of succession to the Nnewi Throne Names of Monarch DOB Death Reign
1st Eze Mmaku 1477 1529 1498-1529
2nd Eze Ikenga 1503 1577 1529-1577
3rd Eze Nnewi 1530 1607 1577-1607
4th Eze Okpala 1560 1629 1607-1608
5th Eze Digbo 1563 1635 1608-1631
6th Eze Otolo 1581 1639 1631-1639
7th Eze Enem 1598 1675 1639-1651
8th Eze Nnofo 1600 1685 1651-1685
9th Eze Udude 1625 1710 1685-1710
10th Eze Agha (Onuo Ora) 1650 1745 1701-1745
11th Eze Agha Jnr 1685 1763 1745-1747
12th Eze Nnwa 1701 1791 1747-1791
13th Eze Oguine 1740 1831 1791-1831
14th Eze Chukwu 1769 1840 1831-1840
15th Eze Ukwu 1799 1862 1840-1862
16th Igwe Okafo 1830 1891 1862-1891
17th Igwe Iwuchukwu Eze ifekaibeya 1855 1904 1891-1904
18th Igwe Orizu I (Eze Ugbonyamba) 1881 1924 1904-1924
19th Igwe Josiah Nnaji Orizu II 1901 1963 1924-1962
20th Igwe Kenneth Onyeneke Orizu III 1925 Living 1963 –

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