Nnewi manufacturing companies

Nnewi manufacturing companies


S/No. Name Major products Other activities Year Current Status
1 Adswitch Plc. Feeder Pillars, Feeder Pillar Units, Switch Panels MCB Distribution Boards. 1984 Okay.
2. Cutix Plc. Electrical and Telecommunication Cable. 1984 Okay.
3. Ebunso Nig. Ltd. Engineering and Process Equipment. 1985 Okay.
4. G. O. D. Brothers Co. (Nig) Ltd Crumb Rubber Trading 1985 Not Okay
5. Godwin-Kris Ind. Ltd. Motorcycle Tubes/Automotive Rubber Production 1988 Not Okay
6. Innoson Nig. Ltd. Motorcycle Assembly Trading 1987 Okay
7. Jimex Ind. Ltd. Aluminum Die Cast and metal Fabricated Products 1977 Okay
8. John White Ind. Ltd. Automotive Fan-Belts 1987 Not Okay
9. John Ray Ltd. Engineering Design of Components/Production of Machines 1993 Okay
10. JOSIAC Nig. Ltd. Machine Shop/Moulds & Dies, Spare Parts 1993 Not Okay
11. Omatha Holdings Ltd. Automotive filters Exhaust, Rice Pure water Rice, Water 1986 Okay
12. RIMCO Ltd. Vegetable Oil and Soaps 1988 Okay
13. Sambros Industries Electroplated Products, Car Paint Processing Trading, auto Refurbishing 1994 Okay
14. Uru Ind. Ltd. Auto Control Cables 1987 Okay
15. St. Mary’s Industrial complex Ltd. Household Polythene Bags, industrial Package, synthetic Hair 1996 Not okay
16.. Ibeto Marble Factory Marble 1982 Not Okay, Not Up to Date
17. Christomex Ind. Ltd. Motorcycle Seats Pure Water/Block Molding 1985 Okay
28. Edison Auto Industries Ltd. Break Pad/Break Fluid Okay, Not Up to Date
19. Louis Carter Ind. Ltd. All Types of Plastic Products Trading Okay
20. Cento Group of Companies Batteries Not Okay, Not Up to Date
21. S & M. Industries Ltd. Disinfectants & Cosmetics Not Okay, Not Up to Date
22. Isaho Ind. Ltd. Piston & Rings Pure water, Trading, Oil & Gas 1994 Not Okay, Not Up To Date
23. Dewaco Int. Co. Nig. Ltd. Industrial mould Not Okay, Not Up to Date
24. Ulasi Agro Resources Ltd. Agricultural & Food Processing Not Okay, Not Up to Date
25. Baej Distillers & Bottling Co. Nig. Ltd. Distillation of alcohol and Bottling Not Okay, Not Up to Date
26. Chartered Aluminum Systems Ltd. Aluminum Building Products 1990 Okay
27. Greatland Ind. Ltd. Motorcycle Chain Trading 1990 Not Okay, Not Up to Date
28. Saga Ind. ltd. Engine Block Okay
29. Lee-Lin Investment Ltd. Woods Okay
30. Elo industries Ltd. Aluminum Spoons Trading 1995 Okay, Not Up to Date
31. Ifepe Ind. Ltd. All types of Polythene bags 1995 Okay
32. Maryment Nig. Ltd. Motorcycle Assembly Trading 1982 Okay
33. Limitraco Ind. Ltd. Motorcycle Assembly Trading 1986 Okay
34. Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Batteries, Break Pad & Lining Car Fancy/Accessories 1987 Okay
35. Ibeto Industries Ltd. Colour laboratory 1985 Okay
36. Munich Ind. Ltd. Vegetable Oil Trading Okay
37. Stevenna Ltd. Motorcycle Assembly Okay


Note: The first status description is for the state of operations while the second is for financial standing with the Nnewi Chamber Of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture (NCCIMA).


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