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With a view to maintaining daily local presence and in fulfilment of our major aim and objective, we commissioned a Health and Information Advisory Centre in December 2007 at Nkwo Nnewi in a rented flat adjacent to the Youth League Hall at a considerable expense, funded solely by the generous donation of our members and well-wishers. The health centre manned by nurses and a part-time doctor has remained operational ever since; opening Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm to all comers entirely free of charge. The health centre focuses primarily on health promotion and disease prevention as well as managing the “silent killers”, diabetes and high blood pressure. In the 12 years since the opening of our health centre, we are glad that several thousand have been seen and treated by our dedicated staff with the result that several lives have been saved. This outcome is very inspiring and encouraging to us in working hard for the sustainability of this unique project, hence during our 10th-anniversary celebration event in January 2018, we asked for a piece of land from Nnewi authorities for a permanent site.

Happily, our request was granted speedily with the allocation of a piece of land at Nnewi North Local Government Headquarters officially on 23rd March 2018. We acknowledge the positive roles of noble Nnewi sons like Obi George Onyekaba, Obidiugwu, Obi Nnewi Ichi; Chief Ugochukwu Udemezue, PG Nnewi; Chief Ajulu Uzodike and of course the current Nnewi North Local Government care-taker chairman, Honourable Prince Chukwudi Orizu in making it a reality.

With the allocation of this piece of land came the big challenge of funding this project from scratch which our members took up with courage, optimism and tenacity. Our members dug deep and tasked ourselves financially and with the help our generous supporters, the project has become a reality within 18 months of the foundation laying ceremony on 19th July 2018, our purpose-built health centre was commissioned on 4th January 2020, thanks largely to the major funders each donating at least one million Naira as well as the exemplary oversight and dedication of our health centre manager, the indomitable Mrs Ebele Okoli and our Nnewi coordinator, the dependable, Sir Moses Ezukwo.
Nnewi Advancement Charity will heartily welcome any support from volunteers and donors in aiding our efforts in expanding and sustaining this laudable project for the benefit of the needy at Nnewi and beyond.  Read more

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