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Igbo Cuisine

Igbo cuisine is the various foods of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria. There are many dishes that are common to the Igbos in particular, but one that cuts across Igbos in the South-East and South-South is Abacha also popularly known as the African Salad. Abacha is a popular cassava dish native to the Igbos and served throughout Igbo land in eastern Nigeria.[1] It is made using dried shredded cassava, palm oil, potash, chopped onions, salt, dry pepper, ground crayfish, sliced utazi, stock cubes and Ugba. Abacha can be eaten as a snack or a full meal served with dry fish or ponmo (cow skin).

The core of Igbo food is its soups. The popular soups are Oha, Onugbu, Egwusi and Nsala (White pepper soup). Yam is a staple food for the Igbos and is eaten boiled or pounded with soups Read More


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