Public Service Announcement On The Setting Up Of COVID-19 Guidelines Enforcement Mobile Courts In Anambra State

COVID-19 Guidelines

Anambra State Government hereby informs Ndi Anambra and residents that mobile courts have been set up to try violators of Covid-19 prevention guidelines in the state.

All are advised to strictly observe these Covid-19 prevention guidelines issued by the government.

(1) Wear a protective facemask when in public places and outdoors.

(2) Maintain social distancing at public gatherings.

(3) Wash your hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds each time.

(4) Use hand sanitizers regularly. 

(5) If you suspect that you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, or feel unwell, contact the nearest hospital immediately. Do not self-medicate.

(6) Obey the 9pm to 6am daily curfew currently in place in Anambra state (Those on essential services must be properly identified).

Churches, schools, hotels, business premises, offices, markets and other public places are charged to support government efforts to stop the spread of the virus in the state, by enforcing these guidelines.

Please note that anybody convicted by the COVID-19 guidelines enforcement mobile courts is liable to a 10,000 Naira fine, community service or both.


Professor Solo


Secretary to Anambra State government

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