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Nnewi Skyview

Nnewi Skyview from Okwuani Tower

About Nnewi City

Nnewi town is a mini version of Lagos and riddled with bubbling enterprises. Virtually every person is either buying or selling or producing something. Without a doubt, it is difficult to find in Nigeria any other community with as much concentration of millionaires as it has.


Entering Nnewi, a bubbling industrial town in the southern zone of Anambra State, one would be greeted with what would at first seem a noisy town. Coming from Awka, Onitsha or even Orlu in Imo State, a visitor is faced with the sight of a sea of heads, all scrambling for space, and hurrying to God knows where.

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Entering the town, a visitor is greeted with the presence of more motorbikes than motorcars, and what is more fascinating is that everyone, children, men, women, rich and poor people alike ride on what is popularly referred to as ladies’ bike.


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There still abound young Nnewi upcoming industrialists whose works are either still being harnessed to world reckoning, or those who have given up their big dreams of their inventions rocking the world and resolved to make a daily living from their services to the public.

For the Nnewi people, the ladies’ bike is a must-have, and a status symbol that defines who they are. In most towns in Nigeria, motorcycles have been banned as a result of the activities of criminal gangs, which have used them to perpetuate kidnapping and other vices.

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